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Below you can find parts lists, including catalogue numbers, for the two largest Australian electronic parts retailers. While I realise that most people have a Dick Smith close to where they live, Jaycar has gone first as it is significantly cheaper.

I have tried the listed parts from both, and while the Jaycar part no. states 6000mcd I believe it is in fact exactly the same LED as the Dick Smith one. Both of these retailers have online shopping, and you can navigate to them with the links below.

If anyone wants to provide parts lists for electronics retailers in their area by all means do. I would prefer if the retailer had an online shop, so that I can collect the necessary details and other users can check them out and order online if desired. Just email me the details.

If you want to get these parts, it's easiest to just print out this page and present the store clerk with the relevant list.

Reader's Links!

People have also told me of some other great places to try for these parts:

18th September, 2007
The following site contacted me to let me know about their cheap components site. They seem to have great prices, and have the LM334Z available:


If you know of a place that's great for these parts in hobbyist quantities, why not let me know? I'll put it above so everyone can benefit.


Jaycar Electronics (website)

Description Cat. No. Price
5mm High Brightness LEDs
White (6000 mcd)
ZD1780 $ 6.95
Linear IC LM334Z ZL3334 $ 2.25
Resistor - 1/4 Watt - 4R7 (pack of 8) RR1518 $ 0.30
TOTAL   $ 9.50

Dick Smith Electronics (website)

Description Cat. No. Price
LED 5mm WHITE Lite LED 5600mcd Z3981 $ 9.95
LM 334Z Adj Current Source Z6810 $ 2.95
Resistr 1/4W 4R7 Yel-Vio-Gld R1018 $ 0.05
TOTAL   $ 12.95

Please Note

The parts lists above will give you the necessary parts for one light. If you want two lights in your locomotive, then you would have to double all the parts.

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