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 StyleSkin Version 7.1 Released!

Version 7.1 of StyleSkin has now been released! This new version includes the ability to directly export your skin designs as a Windows application using the current binary menu format of Autorun Maestro! For a full list of the StyleSkin V7 features you can check out the news section here. For more information on Autorun Maestro you can check out its home page here.

Welcome to the homepage of StyleSkin! StyleSkin is advanced graphics rendering software that allows you to easily create professional quality 3D skin graphics. Skins, or interface graphics, are the images used to define the look of an application or webpage. Many applications are now implementing the ability to change the appearance of the software by using images in the form of a skin. It is also increasingly common for application developers to allow users to change the skin by providing external images.

Equally you can use StyleSkin to create amazing website graphics. All the images on these pages were created using StyleSkin! And of course there are many other uses for interface graphics, skins and the rendered images StyleSkin can produce!

With power and flexibility programmed in at every step, StyleSkin can cater for almost any skinning application. StyleSkin is surprisingly easy and fun to use, allowing you to quickly get a job done, or to experiment for hours. You can quickly create and edit the skin using the native skin template editor, a wide range of built in textures, and saved skin effects settings. Equally, you can import image-based templates, import your own textures (they do not even have to be greyscale), and create your own skin effects!

You can view a screenshot of StyleSkin by clicking on the button below. This was taken at 800x600 and converted to 256 colors to allow fast downloading:

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With StyleSkin you can turn your skin into a self contained fully functional Windows application capable of launching applications, opening documents, sending emails, go to an internet sites, open folders in Windows Explorer, plus a whole lot more!

This feature utilizes the latest release of Autorun Maestro, which is available separately. For more information on Autorun Maestro please visit the link below: