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Welcome to Data-Link Software Central, as a Datalink owner and devotee I offer, to other people who are lucky enough to have one of these marvels, an entire range of software here which I have programmed for the Datalink. Please note that this has not been a solitary mission, the software here is the result of many enthusiastic Datalink Users who have encouraged and guided me along this journey!

While I specialise in providing tools for your watch, to enhance your enjoyments and use of the watch and the information that goes into it, there are others you will find in the links section who can offer you increased functionality and entertainment through various WristApps, programs and information.

Please note that I do not expect any payment for the software. If you wish to offer something in return, I would greatly appreciate feedback on the software and ideas for new software. We always appreciate your feedback on our site and software.


This site dealt with the Timex Data Link Model 150 watch, which has now been discontinued. If you were looking for software for the current Data Link USB model, then please CLICK HERE.



January 29, 2007
Alexandre Montaron has sent me a WristApp he has done for the Datalink 150 which he would like to make available to other users. I haven't tested the software, but it sounds like it would be really useful for those of you with good cameras. Here is Alexandres message:

I've done a new WristApp for my old Timex Data Link 150 I still use.

Archive:  photomode.zip
     testing: photomode.exe            OK
     testing: photomode.txt            OK
     testing: photo-mode.hlp           OK
     testing: APP/PHOTO1.ZAP           OK
No errors detected in compressed data of photomode.zip.

This is a Photo-Mode which calculate aperture and shutter speed for your
camera (digital or film) based on sensitity (in ASA) and light available (IL).
Very simple to use, there is an help file (photo-mode.hlp) and an
executable to customize which camera you have (see photomode.txt for list)
and your camera capabilities.

I personally use it every day with my Olympus still camera.

You can download his WristApp by clicking here. I hope you enjoy the WristApp and feel free to pass on the thanks to Alex!

July, 2005
After a request to Timex, they have just informed me they have included the Timex Datalink 150 Additional WristApps package for download from their site! If you have not yet obtained these additional WristApps for your watch, you can get them from their website at:

Datalink Software

or directly at:


November 14, 2001
Gino D'Ambrosio informs me that www.watches-onsale.com currently have some 150 and 150S watches in stock. He has purchased one from them and received timely service. I checked their site and they even have the much coveted mens 150S (model 69931)! If you looking for a Datalink 150/ 150S, then this might be your lucky break...

Summary of Programs Available...

Free SoundScapes for your Watch! Datalink SoundScapes!

These are sound files, or Sound Schemes for your watch. They can be easily added, listened to (with the proprietry Datalink software) and downloaded to your watch. There are several SoundScapes offered, and the option of having a custom SoundScape programmed for you.

Easily Install & Remove SoundScapes and WristApps! SoundScape and Wristapp Manager

I have programmed this to make the Installation AND Removal of SoundScapes and WristApps a breeze.

While I have not programmed any WristApps myself, check out the links for Michael Polymenakos and John Toebes sites...

Create your own SoundScapes! Melody Wizard

Advanced software that lets you easily and quickly create and edit SoundScapes for your watch! Easy to use Musical Score interface! Open and Edit existing SoundScapes, with advanced controls such as the ability to transpose tunes!

Find out what you are creating so happily with Melody Wizard! Melody Wizard Tutorial

Melody Wizard is designed for those "Power" Users who have an understanding of the Timex Datalink SoundScape file format. If you would like to come up to speed a bit and comprehend what a SoundScape is then I strongly recommend you have a look at this.

Easily Add or Edit your City information! Soundscape Simple Setup

This program can allow you to easily distribute your SoundScapes to other Users. All you have to do is prepare a simple small INI, all they have to do is click "Setup"...

Coming with its own built in Setup Wizard, you create your INI, which includes the description for your SoundScape, and then distribute the INI file with your SoundScape (along with a link to the program, or the program itself). Your User never has to fiddle with DAT files again.

Easily Add or Edit your City information! Timezone Wizard

Gain control of your Datalink Timezone information...

The Datalink Timezone Wizard edits your Timex timezone information and allows you to easily add, edit and delete timezones.

Easily Add or Edit your Country to the Currency Database! World Currency Workshop

Powerful Design makes this the ultimate currency conversion information editor. Over 100 countries listed, with their currency! And a link to CNN online!

This program allows you to easily change the Country Information (from, to) in the Currency Exchange section of the Conversion WristApp.

Wonderful PIM Software! Datalink Wizard Software

This Software manages your datalink files between two locations (I originally programmed it because I use the software at work and at home). It also incorporates a handy Notes feature, which is easy to use, infinately scalable, and is included in the syncronising.

It's a Screensaver! It's a Life Companion! It's so intelligent it never talks back! The Datalink Bounce

Just for Fun! My Timex Datalink Screensaver can provide entire minutes packed full of amusement and diversion. Consists of one of my Datalink Icons traversing the page and shooting the Time with its download eye. Can be configured for various effects.

Hey, it looks as good as the Timex ones... has sorta a psychadelic 60s feel.

The Ultimate Datalink Companion Software! The Datalink Pim Saver!

This software is the Ultimate Datalink Companion!

It extracts the information from your standard Datalink Files, attractively displaying them as a screensaver!

You have to see this software to believe it! Everyone with a datalink should have this program.

The Ultimate Companion Software for The Ultimate Datalink Companion Software!

Pim Plus!

This software allows you to enter in additional events which will be displayed in your PIM Saver Calendars!

Features include adding an optional background image, optionally setting a time, and setting the color of the text. A valuable addition to PIM Saver.

Photo Clock

Photo Clock is a fun little clock which you can customize by adding your own background image and changing the configuration and colors of the clock elements... it loads up your next appointment as an alarm. It also has its own setable alarms (2).

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