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  Version 8.1 Just Released!

Version 8.1 released! This update releases a number of tweaks and improvements for our popular Autorun Maestro package. These changes mainly include improvements in many areas of the Menu Editor, including:

l  Changed behaviour when setting a default text button.

l  Improved dynamic menu text display.

l  Improved behaviour when creating an autorun application while working on multiple menus simultaneously.

l  Improved menu conversion from early versions.

l  Improved behaviour when copying and pasting buttons between menus.

l  Improved MS Windows buttons appearance in Menu Editor and main application.

l  Various other minor improvements, upgrades and fixes.

Version 8 Changes include: 

l New menu objects! Place images, text, shapes and divider lines anywhere you wish on your menu.

l New rich text! Menu, button and object text can all be fully formatted as rich text.

l Completely interactive Menu Editor, with the ability to resize all objects directly on the menu.

l Text is now converted to graphical images, so there are no font or language availability concerns.

l 200 objects on one menu! The maximum number of objects on one menu has been doubled, from 100 to 200.

l New Bring Forward, Send Backward, Bring to Front, Send to Back functions allow you to layer your menu easily and quickly.

l New and improved dialogs! This includes larger dialogs for such things as application creation and custom color picking.

l Plus many other interface, performance and function enhancements!

This new version is a free upgrade for Version 8.0 users. If you wish to receive the free upgrade, just send us an email with the name and email address you originally registered with.

You can download this new version at the bottom of this page!

 Tip: User's with menus in Autorun Maestro 5.0 or previous formats can convert these menus to the new binary format using the free Autorun Maestro Menu Conversion Wizard.




   Want amazing graphics for your menu? Then try StyleSkin 

The ultimate Autorun CD menu software, Autorun Maestro allows you to create any interface you want and create a standalone Windows application from it. Autorun Maestro allows you to put buttons anywhere you want, on a menu of any shape you want... while being easy to use at the same time. Some of the features Autorun Maestro have are:

Autorun CD Menu Editor - Button Wizard

Button Command Wizard

  • Independently placed buttons. You can place buttons anywhere you like on the menu, with snap-to guides to help you. There is even a function which will automatically place the button over the correct part of a background skin image.

  • A full Button Command Wizard! Three step wizard takes you through the process of setting up the command and behaviour of your button and automatically creates your command and changes the relevant settings for you. The wizard makes it easy for anyone to quickly and easily set up buttons that will open documents, start a program, pass messages to the user, go to an Internet site, etc etc.

  • Freely shaped form. Dead simple to implement, this feature allows you to have an Autorun menu of any shape or design. Your menu could have rounded edges, or a hole right through the middle, its up to you. Parts missing are really missing, you can click on other windows through the hole!

  • Accessory Text and Accessory Image. You can have text display when the CD menu opens, and have this text change when the User selects or moves their mouse over a button. In this way you can provide more information to the User about each button before they even click on it. With the Accessory Image (which can be an icon), you can even load up an image when the user selects or moves their mouse over a button. Each button can have its own descriptive text and image.

  • Settable Tab order. When your end-user clicks the Tab button to go from button to button, YOU choose which button will come next.

  • The option of Viewer Installation Menus, which automatically come up if the User does not have a viewer installed to view the document you wish to open.

  • Keyboard shortcuts, where your user can click ALT+[character] to click buttons on your Autoplay menu.

  • Over ten screen positions for your Autorun menu, which is dynamically placed on the user's screen, irrespective of their screen resolution. The user can also easily drag the menu to move it around the screen. 

  • Ability to load up sub-menus, allowing you endless freedom in organizing and displaying your content.

  • Ability to show the time and/or date on your Autorun CD menu.

  • Ability to have any button launch a program, open a file in the User's viewer, open a folder to browse, go to an Internet site, open a pre-addressed email or go to a sub-menu. You can also have a button exit or minimize, with or without executing a command.

  • Full Undo and Redo functionality.

  • Settable default button. You can easily set which button is selected when the CD Autoplay menu shows.

  • The ability to insert and delete buttons, as well as the ability to cut, copy and paste buttons between menus.

  • Graphical buttons allow for different images for button up, button down and active button events.

  • Ability to animate your buttons in any state (up, active and down).

  • Taskbar caption animation.

  • An image browser to help you select your button images.

  • Ability for fully custom sound schemes, with different sounds for each button.

Autorun CD Menu Editor - Screenshot

Autorun Maestro Menu Editor

With its simple to use, intuitive Menu Editor, Autorun Maestro allows you to quickly create the Autorun CD menu/s you want. You see the results in real-time, and can quickly add, change or remove buttons and other elements. You can have up to 100 buttons on a single menu, and as many sub-menus as you want. You can even create Viewer Installation Menus, which then automatically load when appropriate. You can set the buttons to do any number of things including:

  • Open a document in the user's viewer.

  • Start an application, with the option of passing a command line argument.

  • Open a folder in MS Windows Explorer.

  • Open an Internet Site in the User's browser.

  • Open a pre-addressed email, optionally with the Subject already filled out.

  • Open another Autorun Maestro menu contained in your EXE.

  • Pass a message to the user, which appears in a Windows Message Box with the information icon.

  • Do no action except to play a no action sound (good for features not currently available or provided on the CD).

  • Do no action at all, except for any set menu action (as defined below).

You can set any button to also (after performing any of the above actions if you wish):

  • Close the Menu.

  • Minimize the Menu.

  • Automatically restore the menu when the target window is closed.

  • Maximise (full screen) or Restore any launched document, program etc.

You can set your buttons to do any of the above by using the simple Button Wizard, which will take you through each step in a clear, easy to understand fashion. With tool tips, helpful first-use messages, Wizards to guide you through things like creating your menu, creating the commands for your buttons and creating your autorun application, as well as an extensive Help system, online trouble-shooter and email technical support, it's dead-easy to create your autorun menu! You can keep your menu as simple as you wish, and expand the complexity and features of your CD menus as your talent and expertise develop.

Autorun CD Menu software - Sample Menu (as downloaded)

Sample Menu

(included in download)

The properties of the buttons (the images used, the command to execute etc) can easily be viewed and changed by simply right clicking on them. Right clicking on the form brings up it's properties, allowing you to quickly and easily set screen position, background image, default text etc. As the interface is something which you have complete control over, it is impossible to show it here. The form can be any size, any shape, with buttons in any location etc. We leave it to your imagination!

Autorun Maestro has been designed to integrate in with StyleSkin, you can directly export skins to Autorun Maestro menus! You can design a skin to look any way you like, using all the power of StyleSkin, and then in a matter of seconds have that skin turned into your very own program in the form of an Autorun Maestro menu. StyleSkin will automatically create all necessary up, down and active button images, can give you transparent menus (menus of odd shapes) and automatically identifies your text display area and sets up your minimize and exit buttons with the correct commands. StyleSkin optionally even takes you to your menu in the Autorun Maestro Menu Editor where you can set up commands for the rest of your buttons (using Maestro's full Button Command Wizard). This means now creating an interface for a CD, or a free standing menu application, is simpler than ever. What your menu looks like is completely up to you, but now it is easier than ever to get the stunning results you want! 

Sample StyleSkin Menu

How would you like your next CD to come up with something like this?

Yes, it's really that shape! You can even download this template here if you would like to use it yourself. The default Autorun Maestro sample menu shown above was also done in StyleSkin, and the template for that can be found here. StyleSkin offers you unlimited control over your skin graphics, you can check out StyleSkin Here. We're sure you can do even better making your menu! You can also show your artistic talents in something like Adobe Photoshop, or simply type some text in Windows Paint.

User's with menus in Autorun Maestro Version 5 or earlier formats can convert these menus to the latest version using the free Autorun Maestro Menu Conversion Wizard.


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Package Version Size Download
Autorun Maestro Full Install 8.1 2.3 Mb

* This software is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95, it does however require the COMCTL32.DLL system file on the original Microsoft Windows 95 be updated (original 1995 release only). We have found this file is naturally updated through the normal use of a PC, installing software, or installing Internet Explorer 4.0 or later. There are no known issues with Windows 95 OSR2, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista.

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