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  Welcome to Autorun Software Central


Welcome to Pollen's Autorun Software Central! We offer a comprehensive range of Autorun/ AutoPlay software, which runs from CD and DVD media, as well as from USB flash drives. With our AutoPlay CD software you can easily add the ability for your recorded discs to take advantage of the Autorun features of Microsoft Windows. They can allow you to provide a AutoPlay menu of your design to your user's, or splash an image to the user while opening a document. Please browse our software, we hope you enjoy your visit! We always appreciate your feedback on our site and software.

 Latest News

Autorun Maestro 8.1 Released! ...MORE NEWS

Autorun Maestro 8.1 is now out! This update releases a number of tweaks and improvements for our popular Autorun Maestro package. These changes mainly include improvements in many areas of the Menu Editor, including:

l  Changed behaviour when setting a default text button.

l  Improved dynamic menu text display.

l  Improved behaviour when creating an autorun application while working on multiple menus simultaneously.

l  Improved menu conversion from early versions.

l  Improved behaviour when copying and pasting buttons between menus.

l  Improved MS Windows buttons appearance in Menu Editor and main application.

l  Various other minor improvements, upgrades and fixes.

This new release is a free upgrade for Version 8.0 users. You can read more about Autorun Maestro, as well as download the software right now, from Autorun Maestro's webpage (click here).


Recent News

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Autorun Maestro 8.0 Released!

New menu object system that allows you to place images, text, shapes and dividers anywhere you with on your menu! New rich text menu, button and object text allows fully formatted text to be displayed on your menu! New system gives you the peace of mind to know that your menu will appear exactly as you designed it, regardless of language of font availability on the user's system! Manu other improvements, including up to 200 objects on your menu, a true WYSIWYG Menu Editor, layering tools and new larger dialogs to name just a few!

FastMenu 7.0 Released!

FastMenu 7.0 now allows you to place multiple buttons on one line, along with upgraded divider bars that allow for captions! Other enhancements include more buttons on a menu, a new set-up software and download package and more!

AUTOption Graphic 9.0 Released!

New features include up to 30 buttons on a single menu, create your own custom buttons with a new creator and editor, the ability to fade out the menu title and text box graphics, new styles, and more!

AutoView 6.0 Released!

AutoView 6.0 now available! Advancements include upgrades to the command set, a new set-up package, Vista improvements, improved viewer installation performance and upgraded help.

Autorun Action Splash 9.0 Released!

Autorun Action Splash (formally Autorun Action Flash) 9.0 is now out! New features include the ability to resize your splash image right in the Wizard, transparency optimizations, internal lossless compression that shrinks your application to a fraction of the size, more screen positions, more animation options, viewer installation options upgraded, now compiles your splash into a single Windows application requiring no installation or DLLs to run, a new installer and much more!!

StyleSkin 7.1 Now Out!

Product Discs Now Available!



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Summary of Packages Available...

Autorun Maestro

Our most advanced  package, Autorun Maestro is a completely skinable, completely configurable Autorun CD menuing system. You can independently place as many buttons on a menu as you like, keep menus open while you open submenus, have freely shaped forms, settable tab order, over ten screen positions, expanded command set, the ability to show the current time or date on your CD menu, recursive command searching, etc etc etc! The advanced and easy to use Menu Editor has a multi-document interface, 99 levels of undo (and redo), intelligent button placing, a full Button Command Wizard... plus a whole lot more! Check it out now!

AUTOption Graphic

Highly advanced, highly versatile Autorun/ Autoplay CD software which displays any number of buttons (up to 20) on top of your image. Full control includes the ability to use your own images for the buttons, including default, mouse-down (click) and mouse over images! You also have the option of nesting menus, giving you the ability to completely change the menu, including the background graphic.

Autorun Action Splash

A popular graphical Autorun/ Autoplay CD-ROM application which executes a single command while displaying your image. Your image can be of any size, can incorporate animation and you can choose its location on screen, as well as pass commandline arguments to applications started.


An elegant, simple Autorun CD menu that provides great utility without sparing presentation. With full WYSIWYG separate programmer this CD menu system can be used for creating well presented menus with a graphic header, option of nested menus and a number of other options. Additional Advanced Features make this program a good choice for Users who want to use Commandline arguments. Now the Setup Wizard makes creating your own menus very easy and fast!


A universal CD Autorun program, this utilitarian software opens a document in the Users viewer. If no recognized viewer is found for that document then the software offers the User a choice of viewers installable from the CD (which you create). A good choice to quickly create web based CDs, Adobe Acrobat libraries, PowerPoint presentations, ZIP archives, etc...

What is the difference between Autorun and AutoPlay?

These two terms are now used interchangeably by many. AutoPlay is the system present on more recent versions of Windows that allows the user of a PC to launch particular content in an application of their choosing. For example the first time someone inserts a disc containing photos Windows will ask them how and if they would like to view them. Autorun on the other hand is an application that can be distributed with the media, and runs when the media (such as a CD, or USB flash drive) is inserted. For example, this allows someone to distribute a disc with a menu on it that provides the end-user with an attractive interface to your content.

The definition provided by Windows Help & Support:


AutoPlay is a Windows feature that lets you choose which program to use to start different kinds of media, such as music CDs, or CDs or DVDs containing photos. For example, the first time you try to play a music CD, AutoPlay asks which media player you want to use, if you have more than one installed on your computer. You can change AutoPlay settings for each media type.


Autorun is a technology used to start some programs or enhanced content (such as video content on a music CD) automatically when you insert a CD or another media type into your computer. This is different from AutoPlay, but the result is often the same: when inserted, the CD starts automatically, using a particular program. Autorun is incorporated into the media types that use it, and you can't modify it.

When you try to play a CD or another media type that uses autorun, AutoPlay asks you to choose an action to perform (for example, to play the autorun content or to skip it).

More on Microsoft's site:

What is the difference between AutoPlay and Autorun

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As well as on Wikipedia:

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