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  All New Version! (7.0)

All New Version! Exiting new functions allow you to set up intelligent, intuitive menus that suit YOUR application!:

l  New dynamic multi-column button options allow you to place multiple button on one line! You can mix and match as you wish on your menu, allowing you to group buttons as you see fit.

l  Upgraded divider bar now allows you to place a divider above a row of buttons, with a caption!

l  Now allows up to 40 buttons on a single menu, with as many submenus as you wish!

l  Set-up software and download package now upgraded to our own system, allowing for easier, cleaner and more flexible installation.

l  Upgrades to the FastMenu Menu Editor make it easier to create your menu and your autoplay menu application.

l  As with all our recent releases, FastMenu 7.0 is Windows 7 compatible.*

FastMenu offers the ability for anyone to swiftly create a clean, crisp auto-run menu for a CD or DVD. Created menus are simplistically designed, displaying a graphic followed by a column of buttons. Minimal effort and time is required to create a menu with professional results. With FastMenu users can create simple or complex menu systems with the option of sub-menus; sound effects for menu start or change; commandline arguments; button spacing; individual button sizing, viewer installation menus and more. FastMenu offers two methods to assist both new and experienced users to quickly create a menu: a friendly menu wizard with step-by-step instructions or a menu editor where changes can be viewed immediately. Button commands can perform various actions, which include:

  • Open a document (or file) in the user's viewer.
  • Open a document (or file) in your viewer.
  • Start an application, with the option of passing a commandline argument.
  • Open a directory in MS Windows Explorer.
  • Open an Internet site in the user's browser.
  • Send an email to a specified address, optionally setting the subject of the email.
  • Open another menu (a sub-menu)
  • Show a message to the user in a Windows messagebox.
  • Do no action, but play your "noaction.wav" sound.
  • Exit the menu.

For advanced users, each button also has the ability to start an application and pass commandline arguments to the application. With the addition of a CD-Drive variable to pass the correct drive letter in the commandline argument, this program is well suited to users who wish to provide a functional viewer from the CD.

An expiry date feature can be added to inform your users when the CD is out of date. This can be great for catalogue CDs, pricelists, product brochures, company or personal resumes, even material such as training and certification programs.

The button heights can be individually adjusted, to allow the emphasis of your most important buttons. Buttons can be grouped under headings and any number of buttons can be placed on a single row. The form sizes itself around your graphic and the image can be resized within the software, so no set size of graphic is needed. The buttons size themselves to match the width of the image, giving an elegant, clean look.

FastMenu Autorun (Autostart) file download Sample Menu

Sample Menu 
(Included in download)

To get you up and running in a minimum time and with the lowest learning curve, the program comes with a Wizard (within the Menu Editor). To create an Auto-run CD menu is simple, just move through the Wizard where helpful information is displayed at each step and in no time you will have your menu up and running. At any time you can return to the Menu Editor to make further changes to your auto-run menu.

FastMenu Autorun (Autostart) file download Set-up Wizard Screenshot

Menu Editor
(vertical size dependent on screen resolution)

The FastMenu Menu Editor enables you to interactively set up or alter your auto-run menu, as well as add more advanced functions. The program also supports nested menus, meaning you can include submenus, subsub menus, etc. All auto-run menu elements are changeable upon menu swapping (including the main image). The Menu Editor also supports drag and drop menu file opening, for easier menu creation and editing.



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FastMenu Full Install 7.0 1.96 Mb Download FastMenu to create auto-run menu for CD or DVD

* This software is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95, it does however require the COMCTL32.DLL system file on the original Microsoft Windows 95 be updated (original 1995 release only). We have found this file is naturally updated through the normal use of a PC, installing software, or installing Internet Explorer 4.0 or later. There are no known issues with Windows 95 OSR2, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP,  Windows Vista or Windows 7.

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