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  All New Version! (9.0)

Autorun Action Splash 9.0 has now been released! Autorun Action Flash has now become Autorun Action Splash! With a range of great new features:

l  Resize your splash image right in the Splash Wizard, even images using a transparency color!

l  Completely redeveloped, now autorun your disc with only two files!
Compile your splash into a single EXE, requiring no other files or DLLs to run.

l  Internal compression now shrinks your autorun EXE to a fraction of the size using lossless compression to preserve your image/s.

l  Animation upgrades with more animation options, tweaked animation creation and better animation performance.

l  More choices for the location of your splash on screen.

l  More advanced viewer installation options allow you to include any viewers necessary to view the document your splash opens, as well as any ReadMe files etc.

l  Transparency optimisations improves load speed when using transparency in your splash screen.

l  Simpler installation, with greater support for languages other than English.

l  Upgraded Splash Wizard.

l  More autorun commands.

l  Even faster searching and execution.

l  Designed for the latest operating systems, while retaining compatibility with previous windows operating systems.*

l  Greater compatibility when deploying discs worldwide.

l  Fully supports Windows themes (when running under an OS that supports them).

l  Fully upgraded Help system compatible with Windows Vista.

l  Renamed from Autorun Action Flash to Autorun Action Splash to avoid any confusion with Macromedia Flash.


If you want to create a disc that automatically shows an image of your choice while opening a document on your disc when the CD is inserted, then try Autorun Action Splash today.

Autorun Action Splash (formerly Autorun Action Flash) allows you to easily autorun/ autoplay your CDs. When the CD-ROM is inserted your image will be displayed on screen in the location of your choosing, while the software launches your command. A number of possibilities are available with the command, including:

  • Open a file in the User's viewer.
  • Start a program, with the option of passing a commandline argument.
  • Open a directory in MS Windows Explorer.
  • Open an Internet Site in the User's browser.

Features include

  • Simple to set up and deploy.
  • Comes with a Wizard that takes you through the steps of creating your application.
  • Splash image can be any size or dimension, and most formats.
  • You can set the length of time the image is displayed.
  • You can choose when the command is executed.
  • You can animate the Splash image with your own images, or Autorun Action Splash can do it for you.
  • You can set the animation speed, and select from various animation styles.

The software is simple to set up, requiring only a few settings, and the included Wizard guides you through this process. The image can be any size or dimension. You can set the length of time the image should remain on-screen, and when the command is launched (beginning, middle, or end of time). You can also have the image animate should you wish to, with settings to control the speed and animation style. You can have any number of images to animate through, and the new Setup Wizard can even create attractive and professional animations using your image!

For more advanced users more sophisticated features have also been included. This includes the ability to use commandline arguments. This allows advanced users to launch programs with specific parameters or files passed to them. With the addition of a CD-Drive variable to pass the correct Drive letter in commandline arguments, this program is also well suited to advanced users who wish to do such things as autorun a specific file on the CD in a functional viewer from the CD, quickly and without installation on the user's system!

The software also allows you the option to include installable viewers on the CD! If the end-user does not have a viewer for the document you are opening, the software will automatically prompt the user with your message and the option to install the viewer from your CD. All you have to do is provide the viewer for your document!

For making your Autorun/ Autoplay application, the application comes complete with its own Splash Wizard which takes you step by step through the set-up process. When completed the Wizard saves the settings so you can edit them later or compile your Splash application.

Wizard Screenshot for making Autorun CD-ROM

Autorun Action Splash Wizard

The splash image which is shown when your CD is inserted is a bitmap which you provide. It's up to your imagination! You can show your artistic talents in something like Photoshop, take a section of a digital photo, or simply type some text in Windows Paint. You can even create transparent areas very easily by coloring sections of your image a particular color. The option is up to you.

Create an Autorun/ Autoplay CD-ROM

Sample Splash

(included in download)

The software comes with the sample splash above. But remember, it's totally up to you what the splash screen for your Autorun CD-ROM looks like, it can be any size or dimensions.



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Autorun Action Splash Full Install 9.0 1.8 Mb

* This software is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95, it does however require the COMCTL32.DLL system file on the original Microsoft Windows 95 be updated (original 1995 release only). We have found this file is naturally updated through the normal use of a PC, installing software, or installing Internet Explorer 4.0 or later. There are no known issues with Windows 95 OSR2, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista.

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