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    AUTOption (Standard Button Version)



  AUTOption to be Retired.

Our new release of AUTOption Graphic now also covers the original design concept and functionality of AUTOption, therefore it has been decided that AUTOption (Standard Button Version) will now be retired to our archived applications. This means that no further development or new versions of the software will be released. Instead we will be offering the new version of AUTOption Graphic as an upgrade to previous AUTOption users.


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Now compiles your menus into an EXE! AUTOption is now more powerful than ever, and even easier to use. With a Menu Wizard to get your menus up and running quickly and easily, a Menu Editor to allow you to edit your menus in an interactive environment as well as access more advanced features, and the ability to compile your menu system into an EXE. By utilizing standard Windows buttons over your own background image, AUTOption allows you to create professional, interactive autorun menu systems. With a wide range of actions available for your buttons, and wizards to fill out your commands for you, you can quickly have a menu program which will impress you and your users alike. AUTOption sports 15 styles of button placement animation, minimize and exit controls, a formattable text area which displays your text when the user positions the mouse over a button, and up to twenty buttons on a single menu (with as many sub-menus as you wish).

To make an autorun menu for your CD could not be simpler. Interactively design your menu in real time with the Menu Editor, make your autorun program and go! Or you can use the Wizard to create your Autorun menu with step-by-step assistance. Either way you only need to copy three files to the base directory of your CD to create your fully functional autorunning CD. You can even create multi-level menus, allowing you to group your functions appropriately.

This program was specifically written as a powerful, easy to use CD Autorun program. Each button requires the entry of as few as only two things; the text to show on the button, and a command (the path to the file, program, folder, Internet site or another menu). The background is an image which can be any size or dimension, created by the user. When the Autorun CD is inserted, the bitmap is displayed in the location you have chosen with the buttons on the image where you placed them. The program can be set to exit when any particular button is pushed, or stay up until an Exit button is pushed. The action the program takes depends on the link, possible button actions are:

  • Open a document (or file) in the user's viewer.
  • Open a document (or file) in your viewer.
  • Start a program, with the option of passing a commandline argument.
  • Open a directory in MS Windows Explorer.
  • Open an Internet site in the user's browser.
  • Send an email to a specified address, optionally setting the subject of the email.
  • Open another menu (a sub-menu)
  • Show a message to the user in a Windows messagebox.
  • Do no action, but play your "noaction.wav" sound.
  • Exit the menu.

The program comes with its own Menu Editor, allowing you to dynamically create your setup. The software is both very powerful and very versatile. You can drag buttons around your background, placing them anywhere on the image. It is a true WYSIWYG interface! You can have up to 20 buttons on the one menu, with the option of having as many menus as you like. A sample dialog for the Menu Wizard is shown below:

Wizard to help make Autorun Menu CD

Menu Wizard

Button properties (Button Caption, Command, Description, Exit Option, Commandline arguments etc.) are entered through a separate Button Properties Dialog. As the menu background is an image/photo that you provide the possibilities are endless. We leave it to your imagination! You can use a photo, show your artistic talents in something like Adobe Photoshop, or simply type some text in Windows Paint. That option is up to you. Click the link below to see the sample menu (included in download):



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